Piet Verbist Quartet – Suite Reunion (2018)

Piet Verbist Quartet - Suite Reunion (2018)
Artist: Piet Verbist Quartet
Album: Suite Reunion
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Fusion
Origin: Belgium
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Mygratum 1:55
Asylum 11:11
Bright Minor 5:31
Suite Réunion 11:48
Hope In Despair 6:08
The Beauty In The Beast 7:30
Devious Ways 11:29
Blues Excuse 5:56


Piet Verbist is a passionate contrabassist who is full of energy and inspiration with what he writes in an authentic richly varied style of electric grooves (Zygomatic) to modern jazz (Mamutrio).

For his new project Suite Réunion with entirely his own work, he chose a different acoustic composition. This Piet Verbist Quartet (PVQ) has been on many stages in previous years and was enthusiastically received every time. In February 2018 the band moved into the studio. In this quartet, Piet Verbist involved the ‘most wanted’ drummer Dré Pallemaerts with whom he jammed in his teens. Because Dré Pallemaerts was not always available, Verbist provided another fixed value on the drums: Wim Eggermont. And so both can be heard alternately on the record.

Bram Weijters is the trusted pianist. New is tenor saxophonist Bart Borremans, who got to know and appreciate Verbist during performances in the Antwerp Jazz Café Hopper.

With Suite Réunion Piet Verbist not only refers to finding each other as a musician, but also to the people who migrate, look for other horizons and find another home …

The titles do not lie: Mygratum, Asylum, Hope in Despair, Devious Ways to name a few.

Piet Verbist opens the album with a short bassolo (Mygratum) that flows into an oriental drive with beautifully drawn-out interaction of tenor sax, piano and rhythm section (Asylum). Bright Minor, dedicated to son-pianist Milan Verbist, continues swinging vigorously with a lot of solo space.

Suite Réunion is a barrel full of dynamic improvisations, which also continues in the ballad “Hope and Despair,” in which Wim Eggermont can shine.

“The Beauty in the Beast” already sounds like a classic with, in addition to fine solos by Bram Weijters, Bart Borremans, the ever-pushing bass power of Piet Verbist and an always impressive and striking Dré Pallemaerts. “Devious Ways” is characteristic of Piet Verbist’s masterly hand in writing haunting ballads. The album ends with “Blues Excuse” as a final statement.

Suite Réunion of the Piet Verbist Quartet will amaze you even more by the infectious interaction and the impressive improvisations full of fun.
REVIEW BY Bernard Lefèvre

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