Philip Bailey – Inside Out (1986)

Philip Bailey - Inside Out (1986)
Artist: Philip Bailey
Album: Inside Out
Genre: Funk, Jazz, Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 1986
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Welcome To The Club (4:45)
02. State Of The Heart (4:10)
03. Long Distance Love (4:57)
04. Echo My Heart (4:05)
05. Don’t Leave Me Baby (4:18)
06. Special Effect (3:42)
07. Because Of You (4:29)
08. Back It Up (3:56)
09. Take This With You (4:49)
10. The Day Will Come (4:10)


Philip Bailey turned to Nile Rodgers to produce Inside Out, his follow-up to Chinese Wall, and though Rodgers didn’t turn it into a dance record on the order of his old band, Chic (the sort of thing he did do to other clients), the result is no more than pedestrian black pop, which is why Bailey’s secular solo career ran out of gas at this point and he willingly re-upped with the new edition of Earth, Wind & Fire. He didn’t make another secular solo album for eight years.
Review by William Ruhlmann

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