Phil JL Robert & 3Kindred Spirit – BoOgAloO ZoO (2015)

Phil JL Robert & 3Kindred Spirit - BoOgAloO ZoO (2015)
Artist: Phil JL Robert & 3Kindred Spirit
Album: BoOgAloO ZoO
Genre: Jazzy Blues
Origin: France (Paris)
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Rock This Monkey Blues 05:13
02. Zoo Road 05:53
03. Well Alright It’s Alright 03:39
04. The Smiles Of The Leopard 04:31
05. Hey New-York I’m Comin’ 03:21
06. Hyppopotamus Dance 05:21
07. No Season For The Sun 05:10
08. Strength 03:21
09. Shake The Snake 04:33
10. From The Other Side Of The Sea 04:19
11. We Love The Boogaloo 02:40


The dynamic and festive BoOgAloO ZoO project is fusion of Jump and Blues riffs with African and Caribbean rhythms. This musical creation transports us back in time to the heady atmosphere of Brooklyn and New Orleans at the beginning of the Seventies.

BoOgAloO ZoO is a brand new visual and scenic show that mixes music, improvisation, video, narration and song. It’s a journey that joins together sounds from greats such as Ray Charles, Lallo Schiffrin, Ray Berreto, Grant Green and Isaac Hayes. Phil JL Robert et 3Kindred Spirit spread the new world music word via two major musical forms of expression from the 20th century: Blues and Jazz.

The driving force behind this project is a burning desire to revive the singularly enriched bright sounds of migrant people. Phil JL Robert et 3Kindred Spirit want to share this spirit with you to bring us all together with infectious joy and no little emotion, lest we forget.