Peter Szendofi – Quintessence (2017)

Peter Szendofi - Quintessence (2017)
Artist: Peter Szendofi
Album: Quintessence
Genre: Fusion, Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Hungary
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, VBR V2
Quintessence (feat. George Whitty, Will Lee, Janos Kormos & Gergely Varga) (6:31)
Fly Me … (feat. Erika Kertesz, Istvan Elek, Janos Kormos & Peter Szuna) (4:48)
The Dreamer (feat. Aron Talas, Istvan Elek & Peter Szuna) (7:57)
Tiny (feat. Gergely Varga, Janos Kormos & Peter Szuna) (6:44)
What Do You Expect from the Morning? (Feat. Erika Kertesz, Peter Szuna & Istvan Elek) (5:02)
Down by the Lake (feat. Balazs Szendofi, Istvan Elek & Aron Talas) (8:51)
Plastic (5:06)
Inventions (feat. Will Lee, George Whitty, Bence Becsy & Regina Zabos) (5:54)
Dialogue (5:15)


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