Peter Evans & Barry Guy – Syllogistic Moments (2018)

Peter Evans & Barry Guy - Syllogistic Moments (2018)
Artist: Peter Evans & Barry Guy
Album: Syllogistic Moments
Genre: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation
Origin: USA / UK
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
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“Syllogistic Moments” is the newest release of “Maya Recordings”. Album was recorded by two great jazz masters – Barry Guy (double bass) and Peter Evans (trumpet). Both jazz musicians are interesting and creative improvisers. Their improvising style differs from the other jazz masters because of inspiring and extraordinary playing manner, suggestive and effective sound, huge variety of unusual timbres and unique sound of the compositions. The music is filled with bright and innovative musical decisions and impressive instrumentation. Spontaneous and free improvisations, specific ways of playing, experimental and extended playing techniques, special effects and own-created methods of playing – all these elements contain the main pattern of the compositions and bring original, evocative and engaging sound. Two jazz masters are experienced and talented improvisers – they had been playing and improvising with numerous of other inspiring and original avant-garde jazz musicians. They base their music on the main basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation.

“Syllogistic Moments” is based on free improvisation, astonishing musical experiments and dozens of extended playing techniques. Both musicians are improvising marvelously and outstandingly – their improvisations are effective, inspiring, evocative, bright and thrilling. Even though their musical language is based on absilutely different playing techniques and expressions, it’s gently fuses together in one musical pattern. Individual melodies have solid and bright sound – it’s filled with joyful, extravagant, light and delightful solos, aggressive and roaring blow outs, passionate and moving passages and suggestive duos. Dozens of different melodic and rhythmic elements form gorgeous, firm, solid and deep polyphonic facture and modern musical pattern with dozens of different layers. Each layer has its own color, structure, form, rhythms and other elements of musical language. All music of this album is totally based on collective improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. The production of extrairdinary, weird, strange and outrage timbres is the main priority of the musicians. They are always trying out to extract new and fresh sound by using innovative and expressive ways of playing, extravagant and eclectic stylistic combinations and thrilling, franky, harsh and sharp free improvisations. Peter Evans trumpet improvisations are especially bright, expressive, luminous and moving. Ut has rich, expressive and modern musical pattern, ornamented, provocative and complicatecd rhythmic and gorgeous musical language. Moving, passionate and bright solos are the most effective episodes of whole album. Frantic, extremely rapid and enchanting passages, light, playful and gentle solos which are blended together with aggressive, sharp, roaring, tremendous and rigorous culminations – the contrasts between different episodes and its moods is very bright and make an effort to whole sound. Playful and joyful solos go right after the moving, attractive, gorgeous and terrific episodes with dynamic and rapid rhythms. Solemn, subtle, peaceful and soft sound also finds its place here – it’s gently mixed with aggressive, frantic and tremendous collective improvisations or dizzy, glimpsy and energetic solos. Trumpeter demonstrates his precise and brilliant playing technique and inspiring, effective and marvelous improvising. He creatively mixes together moving passages, provocative rhythms, extraordinary, creative and engaging musical decisions, splendid and suggestive instrumentation and dozens of extended and remarkable expressions, abbreviations, ornaments and other elements of musical language. Specific and experimental ways of playing, separate rhythms, sounds and chords, bright and tremendous blow outs, hard, loud and powerful energy explosions, sudden jumps to the bordering registres and synthesis with traditional playing techniques – all kinds of various elements of musical language are blended together in organic, effective and expressive way. Barry Guy double bass improvisations have remarkable, passionate, playful and dynamic sound. Rich and gorgeous musical pattern, polyphonic facture ornamented by dozens of different playing techniques, timbres and sounds, solid and independent melodic section and dynamic rhythmic – all these elements fil lthe main base of the musical pattern. His improvisations are filled with everything – bright, emotional, hot and thrilling solos with furiously rapid passages and vivacious pizzicatto, deep, solemn and vibrant bass line, unusual, weird and strange timbres, contrasting dynamics, temps and moods meets with repetitive chords, rhythms and melodies or silent pauses. Improviser masterfully fuses together all these elements in one place. That makes an effort to organic, bright, passionate and luminous sound. Both musicians are improvising masterfully, charmingly, cordially and with passion – their music is dynamic, inspiring, remarkable and joyful.

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