Pete Levin – Jump! (2010)

Pete Levin - Jump! (2010)
Artist: Pete Levin
Album: Jump!
Genre: Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps

1. Jump! (6:52)
2. Exclamation! (6:52)
3. That Was Then (6:41)
4. The Big Dog Is Always Right (6:50)
5. Talk To The Animals (6:33)
6. Nostalgia In Times Square (6:01)
7. Little Sunflower (6:06)
8. Candido (5:47)
9. Alone Together (7:13)
10. Honeysuckle Rose (5:01)


Pete’s 2010 CD release JUMP! continues to push the envelope of the traditional organ trio. The set is a collaboration with the remarkable guitarist Dave Stryker and legendary drummer Lenny White. They are joined on 5 of the 10 tracks by the dazzling percussionist Manolo Badrena. Pete knows how to feature his sidemen, but when it’s time for the Hammond to take charge, he does just that. In addition, the organ’s bass is mixed up front as an equal element. This is not your father’s organ trio! The set rocks and grooves hard; Smooth Jazz it ain’t!

Five of Pete’s original compositions on the album range from hard-driving funk (JUMP! and THE BIG DOG IS ALWAYS RIGHT) to burning straight-ahead (EXCLAMATION!) to the dark and textural (THAT WAS THEN). In addition to Pete’s originals, the set includes some Jazz classics, such as Charles Mingus’ NOSTALGIA IN TIMES SQUARE and Freddie Hubbard’s LITTLE SUNFLOWER, done like you’ve never heard it – slow and moody in 7/4 time.

The final track on JUMP! is a tribute to the late guitarist, Joe Beck. Three years ago, Pete and Joe recorded HONEYSUCKLE ROSE as a duet, but it wasn’t used on the album they were working on. For this project, Pete retrieved the original tracks and added Danny Gottlieb on drums. The three had played many trio gigs in the past, so this is a poignant reunion.

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