Peripheral Vision – More Songs About Error And Shame (2018)

Peripheral Vision - More Songs About Error And Shame (2018)
Artist: Peripheral Vision
Album: More Songs About Error And Shame
Genre: Fusion / Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Canada
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
The Blunder
Syntax Error
‘And the metaphysical concept of shame.’
Portrait of a Man in a Late Nineteenth-Century Frame
Chubby Cello
Mycelium Running
Click Bait


The Juno Award-nominated jazz quartet, Peripheral Vision, delivers a spontaneous set of modernistic music on More Songs About Error And Shame. The sound has a live-in-the-studio freshness, with studio tweakings to embellish their forward-leaning approach. The group’s appraoch is a brash and metallic, a mesh of the teaming of Trevor Hogg’s sharp toned tenor sax with the luminescence of Don Scott’s resonant electric guitar.

The Canadian quartet shares a decade-long history of live performance that translates to a collective focus of vision in the studio, on a set of seamless, splintery compositions, all from the pens of bassist either Michael Herring or guitarist Don Scott.

The tunes originate from a broad swath of inspirations: a immersion in the songwriters’ neurotic psyche, art (Catalonian artist Miro), literature and stand-up comedy, and the influential and groundbreaking Talking Heads pop group.

Everything is on edge here, and the edge is razor sharp. A few hundred (or so) live shows together have shaped the band into a homeostatic organism. The “orchestrator” mixing and “additional recording” guy Jean Martin has nudged the new life form’s evolution into a slightly higher path, in the creation of a sounds that tread some of the darker, more neurotic sonic alleyways.