Paul Brown – Truth B Told (2014)

Paul Brown - Truth B Told (2014)
Artist: Paul Brown
Album: Truth B Told
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Sunrise On Sunset 04:21
02. Truth B Told 04:40
03. Take It From Me 04:07
04. Love N Trust 04:04
05. Casablanca 04:19
06. Home Sweet Home 04:44
07. Stay Sly 04:47
08. Till the Mornin’ Comes 03:37
09. Avalon Nights 04:24
10. Purple Shoes 06:14
11. Better Late Than Never (Bonus Track) 03:52


Is anyone surprised that multi-talented Grammy-award winning guitarist/vocalist/producer/composer Paul Brown’s new release Truth B Told — to be released on July 29 –is chock full of smooth-as-silk and funky grooves that speak volumes about the artist – just as his previous efforts have done?

Riding a wave of popularity that has reached every corner of the genre and shows no signs of letting up, Brown has also garnered massive respect among his peers throughout his cool career. In fact, several jazz luminaries appear as contributors on this slick project (trumpeter Greg Adams, saxmen Greg Vail, Dave Koz, Najee (appearing on flute), Darren Rahn, Euge Groove, and Richard Elliot; keyboardist Bob Baldwin (who also appears on drums on the track where he’s featured), fellow guitarist Larry Carlton, and the late wonderful drummer Ricky Lawson, just to name a few of those having a party on this album.

Kickin’ out finger-snapping C-jazz offerings like the driving “Sunrise on Sunset,” the “easy does it” funky swagger of the title track, the mid-tempo feel-good jazzy strut and his chilled-out vocals on “Love N Trust,” featuring the classy vocals of Wendy Moten, a touch of that midnight blue feel on “Home Sweet Home,” some thick funk as displayed on “Stay Sly” and “Purple Shoes,” and the Latin-tinged exoticism of his nylon guitar (“Avalon Nights” – definitely one of my faves here), Brown shows again via his compositions and technique that he’s at the top of his game, knowing no other place to be.

True artists/craftsmen in this genre have shown time and again that knowing how to secure their places in the sun (and high on the charts) is, in and of itself, an art form, and Brown has certainly demonstrably mastered that with potent release after potent release.
by Ronald Jackson

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