Patrick Yandall – When It’s Hip (2019)

Patrick Yandall - When It's Hip (2019)
Artist: Patrick Yandall
Album: When It’s Hip
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
When It’s Hip (3:55)
King James (4:14)
B Boy (4:16)
Who’s That Lady (4:02)
Soul Instincts (4:23)
Makai (4:04)
The Groovefather (3:47)
At the Bijou (3:46)
Chill Factor (4:10)
Money (4:01)
Blues for JP (4:16)
Heartland (4:02)
Bring the Funk (4:13)
Lovers Moon (2:55)
The Star (Prelude) (1:17)
The Star Spangled Banner (2:15)


Super-talented and eclectic indie guitarist Patrick Yandall hasn’t built his reputation and the ongoing respect he receives among his peers and fans alike by being a mediocre peddler of weak and unimaginative recordings. His projects always have a knack for catching one’s ear because of their undeniable presence and melodic richness.

Here on his latest release When It’s Hip, the guitarist pays homage to artists from Tower of Power to Pink Floyd in that unique, full, jazzy Yandall manner.

A true master of expressive guitar, his skill is again demonstrated on tracks like the uptempo and sunny title track, the equally shiny “King James,” his stirring version of the Isley Brothers’ classic “Who’s That Lady,” the sweeping Santana-like “Soul Instincts” and “Makai.” Then, there’s “The Groovefather” (which offers that Tower of Power vibe), a spot-on cover of the Pink Floyd rock classic “Money,” “Heartland” (which puts his fluidity and speed on display and possesses that dual guitar harmony of The Allman Brothers Band era), the appropriately-titled “Bring the Funk,” and a wonderfully innovative but short tune called “Star Prelude” that precedes his creatively bluesy cover of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

All in all, the magic and coolness of the Yandall groove is very much intact here. Truly one of the most prolific, hardworking artists in the business, one simply must tip his/her hat and loudly applaud the dedication and effort of one who always strives to ensure that his music doesn’t enter the realm of the mundane. Treat yourself to a listen. — Ronald Jackson