Patrick Butler – Sonic Stew (2017)

Patrick Butler - Sonic Stew (2017)
Artist: Patrick Butler
Album: Sonic Stew
Genre: Jazz Rock / Funk / Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
C Seventh Stew 04:06
F Sharp Major Stew 03:51
G Major Stew 04:36
C Major Stew 05:04
D Minor Stew 05:16
B Flat Major Stew 05:24
E Flat Major Stew 08:41
D Minor Stew Extended Version 11:17


Sonic Stew is the result of Patrick Butler’s idea to create a “stew” of music.

“I started each Stew by laying down the first chord structures – like a base broth – then each member adds their own part, stacking flavor after flavor,” says Butler. The heads were composed afterwards.

“I didn’t want to give too much guidance to the players,” comments Butler, “This allowed the musicians to freely contribute musical ideas to the Stew recipes.”

By choosing to play rhythm guitar over lead guitar on the Stew tracks, Butler controls from behind the scenes. If listeners are expecting a lot of hot shot guitar solos, they may be disappointed!

By layering electric and acoustic bass with two percussionists, the Stews have a bold sound. Butler concludes “I had no idea what this finished product was going to sound like when I started as this was an opposite approach from my previous releases.”