Paris Combo – Live (2002)

Paris Combo - Live (2002)
Artist: Paris Combo
Album: Live
Genre: Chanson, Swing, Pop-Jazz, Cabaret
Origin: France
Released: 2002
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

CD 1:
Pourquoi les vaches?
Lettre à P
L’avenir incertain du Titanic
Sous la pluie
Pas à Pas
Avertissement aux jeunes filles
Dans les bras d’un loup
Living Room

CD 2:
On n’a pas besoin
Trois petits points
Je suis sourde
Le roi de la forêt
Mais que fais la NASA
Perceuse insomniaque
Instant T
Moi, mon Ôme et ma conscience
Fibre de verre


The real test of a live album is whether it adds anything to the studio releases — whether the performers can add another dimension to their music in concert. In the case of Paris Combo, the smoothness that has characterized their studio work might acquire a few rough edges, but that’s all to the good, and their heady, sophisticated mix of jazz and chanson is something that’s very audience-friendly. Considering they’re only a five-piece, they manage a remarkably full sound, due in large part to the dexterity of David Lewis, who covers trumpet, bugle, and piano, and guitarist Potzi, whose adaptability between rhythm and lead roles is superb throughout. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the band stresses their instrumental skills more, with vocalist Belle du Berry taking something of a subordinate role, as on “Le Roi de la Forêt.” They’re helped by a great sound, which puts little flourishes of dub at the start of “Mais Que Fait la NASA?” and emphasizes the Middle Eastern texture of “Istanbul.” They stretch out a little here and there, without ever making the solos tedious, and keep the hot jazz feel that’s so much a part of their appeal. They cut loose on the encore of “Moi, Mon Ame et Ma Conscience” to great effect, giving the listener the full concert. It might not be quite the same as being in the same hall as the band, but it’s close enough to be good.
Review by Chris Nickson