Pablo Embon – Wicked Strings (2015)

Pablo Embon - Wicked Strings (2015)
Artist: Pablo Embon
Album: Wicked Strings
Genre: Jazz Fusion / Smooth Jazz
Origin: Israel
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Wicked Strings
Learning from the Past
Sense of Jazz
If I Had Known
Love Behind the Scenes
Rolling On
When They Return
First Rain
Bread and Butter
Side By Side
Legend of Duduk
Save a Dream


Argentinean musician Pablo Embon has spent a majority of his life studying, playing and composing music. His innate abilities and education led him very quickly to being able to play the guitar and piano as his primary instruments. From there, his continued growth as a musician brought him into the world of jazz and jazz fusion in which he also began to compose original, alternative pieces. Between 2004 and 2013, Embon released twelve albums worth of his jazz compositions, ranging from smooth and solo piano, to orchestral with classical influences. His latest release is 2013’s Perennial Sounds; a rich collection of jazz instrumentals that demonstrate Embon’s ability to perform and create in entertaining fashion.

Pablo Embon displays a great deal of talent for performance and composition on Perennial Sounds. Embon strikes a good balance between complexity and accessibility with a record that doesn’t take itself to the extremes of long-winded improvisations but instead focuses on tight, structured performances, that don’t skimp on taking chances either.

“Wicked Strings” is an original collection of Smooth Jazz pieces in which Embon performs in several string instruments, including Concert Piano, 12th Strings Guitar, Acoustic, Spanish, Violin and Cello.