Orgone – Killion Vaults (2010)

Orgone - Killion Vaults (2010)
Artist: Orgone
Album: Killion Vaults
Genre: Afrobeat / Funk / Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Dramatic Times (3:29)
The Score (2:56)
Interloper (2:23)
Summer Beat (2:25)
Counting On You (2:05)
Waiting (2:36)
The Big Escape (3:13)
Done Deal (3:24)
Dark Falls (2:29)
K. Irin (2:56)
Sandstorm pt. 2 (3:06)
Dead Reckoning (2:10)
Shopping Spree (1:30)
Impala (1:40)
Cruel Intentions (2:44)
Wanting Wondering (2:13)
Sonny’s Lament (2:39)
Faith Keep Rolling (2:15)


Killion Vaults is the second full-length dropped by California nonet Orgone in 2010. The first one, Cali Fever, was issued in June to very positive reviews. But it’s not a mere extension of the celebratory hard funk and psychedelic beat consciousness of its predecessor, nor the gritty Southern-styled funk and groove of the similarly named debut, Killion Floor, from 2007. Instead, this 18-track set is the first all-instrumental set issued by Orgone; while it’s true that lead vocalist Fanny Franklin is named in the credits here, she doesn’t sing a note. Consequently, the cuts on Killion Vaults feel more like vamp-based jams that would be in a soundtrack rather than actual songs. These tracks are more steeped in delay, fuzz, distortion, dub, and reverb effects, and sound very retro. The vibe is also more laid-back than on their previous recordings, though that isn’t a minus. There’s more to take in here, since the arrangements are less dense but no less present and the sonics are more expansive. The entire thing flows from beginning to end with a very consistent midtempo smoulder rather than a dancefloor burn. World music influences from reggae, Ethio-jazz, Malian funk, and highlife are juxtaposed alongside choppy, druggy funk, as on the stellar “Waiting.” Other standouts include the moody, noir-ish “Interloper,” with its surf-styled guitar and drifting organ and well-placed vibes; the Morricone-esque yet Afro-jazz on “Dark Falls”; the psychedelic Orientalism of “Dead Reckoning”; “Sonny’s Lament,” with its feel and sound similar to the Animals’ version of “House of the Rising Sun”; and the nasty clavinet-driven funk in “Cruel Intentions.” Each of these tracks is short — the longest piece here is three and a half minutes — making for a breezy, cinematic single-setting listen. Killion Vaults is another laid-back but no less sophisticated side of Orgone; fans of film music, retro funk, rock, and danceworthy world music should take note.
Review by Thom Jurek