Oliver Leicht – The State of Things (2016)

Oliver Leicht - The State of Things (2016)
Artist: Oliver Leicht
Album: The State of Things
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Modern Creative
Origin: Germany
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Vertical Convertible 05:58
The State of Things 16:40
Up 10:41
Shimmering Daylight on a Wooden Pale 07:44
Number 18 as a Basic Idea 11:20
Poem for Them 05:55
Conversion Non Vertical 06:30
M 04:33


“Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic.” is one of my favorite movie quotes, taken from the 1982 picture „The State of Things“ by Wim Wenders. In the first rehearsal of the music on this recording we didn’t have enough time to work out the complete arrangement of the tune with the working title “The State of Things”. So at the first concert we played only the rehearsed part, and the title took on an enhanced meaning. It gave me the certainty that I’d found the right title, not only for this tune but for the whole production. It shows the state of things concerning my music–deriving the description from a more musical point of view, yet always keeping in mind this wonderful, dark movie and that splendid quote.

Once again I am more than thrilled to have had the possibility to convert my ideas into sound with these extraordinary musicians. This time enriched by Jim McNeely as our guest at the piano, not only adding brightness through his soloing but also complementing and enhancing the musically rich color palette of the ensemble.

So I hope that listeners might let themselves go completely into our music. And maybe one or another image might arise in the mind—at times in color, other times in black and white.
Oliver Leicht, may 2016

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