Oli Silk – Razor Sharp Brit (2013)

Oli Silk - Razor Sharp Brit (2013)
Artist: Oli Silk
Album: Razor Sharp Brit
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Contemporary Jazz / Piano
Origin: UK
Released: 2013
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. At Your Service [feat. Julian Vaughn]
2. In the Thick of It [feat. Elan Trotman]
3. Like a Whisper [feat. Kirsten Joy]
4. The Prestige [feat. Chuck Loeb]
5. Supersize!
6. Strings for Somebody
7. I’m In, Peace Is (The La La La Song)
8. Shepherd Spy
9. Every Single Way [feat. Holly Petrie]
10. Larson’s Blues [feat. Paul Brown]
11. All Roads Lead to Home


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