Norman Connors – Love From The Sun / Slew Foot (2013)

Norman Connors - Love From The Sun / Slew Foot (2013)
Artist: Norman Connors
Album: Love From The Sun / Slewfoot
Genre: Jazz-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2013 (1974)
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Love From The Sun (1974)
Revelation (9:12)
Carlos II (6:12)
Drums From The World (5:44)
Love From The Sun (8:20)
Kumakucha (The Sun Has Risen) (6:43)
Holy Waters (5:32)
Slew Foot (1974)
Mother Of The Future (6:52)
Back On The Street (4:05)
Welcome (7:17)
Slew Foot (3:19)
Dreams (6:16)
Chuka (3:30)
Jump Street (2:40)


In 2013, Funky Town Grooves reissued a significant portion of Norman Connors’ discography as a leader slash highly connected talent organizer. Along with straightforward Dance of Magic/Dark of Light and You Are My Starship/Aquarian Dream two-for-one releases, as well as individualized bonus-track-enhanced reissues of Invitation and Take It to the Limit, there was this — a pairing of Connors’ 1974 Buddah dates. Among the highlights: a gorgeous eight-minute “Love from the Sun,” a storming version of Carlos Garnett’s “Mother of the Future” (with Jean Carn at full, jaw-dropping power), and Reggie Lucas’ funky instrumental “Slew Foot.”
Review by Andy Kellman