Norman Brown – The Highest Act Of Love (2019)

Norman Brown - The Highest Act Of Love (2019)
Artist: Norman Brown
Album: The Highest Act Of Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Inside The Garden Of Peace And Love
The King Is Here
Words Of Wisdom
Spirit Power
The Highest Act Of Love
Don’t Make Me Wait
My Window To Heaven
Peace Of Mind
Fountains Of Spiritual Water
Born With Both Eyes Open


Clearly, no one has a better grasp on the power of contemporary jazz in the hands and soul of one who understands its very concept and appeal than the one and only guitar virtuoso Norman Brown, and he demonstrates that on his latest release The Highest Act of Love. Flowing with fluid melodies, pronounced spirituality, and masterful chops, the album puts on display why the personable Brown stays atop the world of c-jazz and is so loved. Even the masterful guitar icon George Benson has given Brown his stamp of approval as truly among the best in the business, but then, we all know that, don’t we?

The Highest Act of Love is very large in presence and rightly carries a spiritual sway that can only be respected by anyone who listens. The jazzy class and sophistication intermixed with tons of soul make each track a bonafide groove.

The album offers a glimpse into the very soul of this spiritually-driven artist as you witness tunes like the lead track “Inside the Garden of Love and Peace,” “The King Is Here,” the beautiful and soulful “Words of Wisdom” (featuring the warm, gentle vocals of Baby Lee), the up-tempo, celebratory ”Spirit Power,” and the reflective title track.

Add to those and others like them here the instinctive Norman Brown c-groove on tracks like the snappy, mid-tempo “Don’t Make Me Wait” and the slick and magnificent cover of “Free” featuring the lovely vocals of the one and only originator of the tune Deniece Williams, and another smash album is on its way to the top of the charts.

In addition to his own superior compositional and guitar skills, Brown brings in producers/top-tier artists like Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Paul Brown, and Kim Waters. So, how could this one would not sprout wings and fly?

Don’t even think about missing out on the sweet, soulful bliss that this album brings your way. It’s done in the only way Brown knows how to get tunes done – with full-bodied perfection. – Ronald Jackson