Nils Landgren – Eternal Beauty (2014)

Nils Landgren - Eternal Beauty (2014)
Artist: Nils Landgren
Album: Eternal Beauty
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Love Of My Life 02:50
Another Kind Of Blue 03:20
Broken Wings 04:08
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 04:38
Green Fields 04:24
One Frozen Moment 03:13
Eternal Beauty 04:00
Isn’t It A Pity 03:56
Get Here 04:19
One More Angel 03:36
We Don’t Need Another Hero 04:37
For Your Love 04:40
Dear Diary 04:32
Love Is Real 03:32


Trombonist and vocalist Nils Landgren’s music is so damned accessible, it would be easy to dismiss it as “jazz lite” – and many do. But all of the Swedish impresario’s projects have high levels of musical craft, amplified by the talent with which he invariably surrounds himself. In some ways, Landgren is bridging the chasm that divides vocal pop from instrumental jazz, and here, with a group that includes much-admired German pianist Michael Wollny, he co-opts such unlikely tunes as 1980s power ballad Broken Wings and Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero , as well as more obvious pop gems such as James Taylor’s Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight . Certainly not for the heavy lifters, but those without musical scruples may find it balm to jaded ears.