Nicola Farnon – In My Own Words… (2018)

Nicola Farnon - In My Own Words... (2018)
Artist: Nicola Farnon
Album: In My Own Words…
Genre: Jazz-Pop, Swing
Origin: UK
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Perfect Loverly Day (Live) (00:04:34)
Stay with Me Forever (00:05:25)
Sdui (00:04:25)
Beautiful Dreams (00:03:43)
Into the Arms of You (00:02:37)
Somehow Someday (00:04:00)
Imaginary Bliss (00:05:17)
It’s Starting to Get Light (00:06:55)
When Love’s as Good as Loving Gets (00:03:19)
Please Don’t Ask Me to Stay (00:04:57)
Don’t Know Why (00:03:34)
For All I Knew (00:04:18)
It’s Just Got to Be That Way (00:06:28)


This album is a compilation of jazz originals of mine that span twenty years (TWENTY YEARS!!) and includes songs from seven previously recorded albums. My dad was a big Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers fan and I grew up watching those fantastic musicals on film, so when I started singing and playing double bass I found I already knew quite a lot of the American Songbook songs.. However when I started trying to write music in this vein I became more and more struck by the incredibly clever and witty lyrics, rich harmonies and catchy melodies that comprised these compositions. Everything was just so amazingly, effortlessly and beautifully structured…enough to put anybody off trying to emulate really…almost!

Anyway I hope you enjoy these. I’ve included the track listing and albums they’ve come from below and – most importantly of all – the wonderful musicians I’ve been so lucky to have play with me on these recordings… There really is some phenomenal musicianship on these tracks and I am so so grateful for all their fantastically talented input.

I’ve mixed them up but you might be able to hear from the sound/age of my voice when the earlier or later ones were recorded – as well as visually bloomin see – as I’ve dated each album! You can always check out the albums they come from and then you’ll not only know – but possibly be able to hear – my musical trajectory over the past TWENTY YEARS more clearly!

Also – if you’re interested in checking out my (very recently released) other originals album to date – Made Up – it’s totally different! More funky, a bit country, bluesy,… but with the same attention to lyrical, melodic and harmonic integrity I dearly hope!

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