Natalia Mateo – De Profundis (2017)

Natalia Mateo - De Profundis (2017)
Artist: Natalia Mateo
Album: De Profundis
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: Poland
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Bandoska (05:08)
Eternity (04:13)
Elegja Pielgrzyma (05:54)
I Will Always Love You (06:01)
Rosemary’s Baby (05:09)
Unsound (05:45)
Prayer (07:27)
Eksplozja Paranoja (04:59)
Dziwny Jest Ten Swiat (02:40)
Franзois Villon-Modlitwa (09:33)
To Die of Gravity (Bonus Track) (03:39)


Natalia Mateo, now a resident of Berlin, was born in Poland, and brought up in Austria. Her mother was a renowned classical singer. Although thirty three years of age this is only her third recording although she has been active on the European contemporary jazz club scene for a number of years. She is very much drawn to the unconventional in art, literature and music. This album, made with her current working sextet is a very accurate reflection of her tastes and is a mixture of Polish folk songs, originals and re-worked minor standards.

There is a single paced but subtle minimalist approach to all the material here. Her voice is delicate yet dark and brooding in nature and cannot be said to lift the spirits in anyway (Although one supposes this was not the intention). She is obviously a talented composer, but unless you are fluent in the language of her birthplace it is obviously not possible to fully follow the story line even with the help of the translations provided in the comprehensive liner notes. There are interesting takes on “Eternity” adapted from the William Blake poem and the theme to Krzysztof Komeda’s score for Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby, but neither these or even a adaption of the Dolly Parton hit “I Will Always Love You” contain any joy whatsoever.

In summary there is obviously more than a little artistic merit here, but it is not one to be recommended to any listener who is prone to depression in any way.

Natalia and her band are just about to embark on a sixteen gig tour of Germany.
Reviewed by Jim Burlong