Mtume – Theatre Of The Mind (1986)

Mtume - Theatre Of The Mind (1986)
Artist: Mtume
Album: Theatre Of The Mind
Genre: Funk / Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 1986
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps

1. Theme From Theater of The Mind (2:16)
2. P.O.P. Generation (4:02)
3. Breathless (4:43)
4. I Don’t Believe You Heard Me (4:11)
5. Body And Soul [Take Me Club Mix] (4:34)
6. New Face Deli (5:56)
7. I’d Rather Be With You (4:54)
8. Deep Freez (Rap-A-Song) (6:18)
9. Deep Freez (Tree’s Thing) (2:28)


Former jazz percussionist James Mtume moved into soul and funk in the 1980s, and then changed gears again in the mid- and late ’80s. This was one of an album series Mtume called “sophisti-funk” LPs, with a denser, sparser sound than his previous works and devoid of string or horn support. Mtume managed to both get R&B chart hits like “P.O.P.” and also make some biting, satirical comments about materialism and commercialism.
Review by Ron Wynn

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