Moon Hooch – This Is Cave Music (2014)

Moon Hooch - This Is Cave Music (2014)
Artist: Moon Hooch
Album: This Is Cave Music
Genre: Dance, Jazz, World Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. No. 6 5:16
2. Mountain Song 3:55
3. 5-Sax Piece 4:06
4. Rainy Day 2:59
5. EWI 4:23
6. St Louis 4:02
7. Bari 3 3:43
8. Why Not? 4:28
9. Contra Dubstep 5:03
10. Milk and Waffles 4:36


The follow-up to maverick saxophone group Moon Hooch’s eponymous 2013 debut, 2014’s This Is Cave Music, finds the trio moving in an even more aggressive and creatively adventurous direction. Still centered around the group’s mix of instrumental jazz and indie rock, This Is Cave Music also features vocals and a heavy electronic dance music influence. However, rather than bringing in keyboards, Moon Hooch stick to their inspired use of acoustic reed instruments, including bass clarinets and sundry saxophones. The result is an evocative, layered album that flows from ’80s synth pop to dubstep to avant-garde instrumentals.
Review by Matt Collar

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