Molly Johnson – If You Know Love (2007)

Molly Johnson - If You Know Love (2007)
Artist: Molly Johnson
Album: If You Know Love
Genre: Soul, Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Canada
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

If you know love (3:47)
Letґs waste some time (4:29)
Tristes Souvenirs (3:39)
Let’s do it (4:44)
Sticks and Stones (4:20)
Rain (4:01)
Streets of Philadelphia (3:17)
Sunday (3:48)
Messin’ around (3:36)
Tonight (3:18)
But not for me (3:24)
Northers Star (4:45)
Avignos Blues (3:25)


Heavily influenced by Billie Holiday, If You Know Love is the French edition of bohemian retro-jazz vocalist Molly Johnson’s third studio album, Messin’ Around. The 2007 release includes 11 of the twelve original tracks (her cover of Prince’s “Tangerine” is omitted), while two previously unreleased songs, a cover of Cole Porter’s “Let’s Do It” and “Avignon Blues” appear in its place. The Toronto singer’s follow-up to Another Day also features a reworking of Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia” alongside several original compositions co-written with Steven MacKinnon, including the lead single, “Rain.”
Review by Jon O’Brien