Mavis Pan – Set for Love (2019)

Mavis Pan - Set for Love (2019)
Artist: Mavis Pan
Album: Set for Love
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Easy Listening
Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Twilight Music
Love Is Never Late
Time Enough for Love
When This Boy Dreams
In the Mood for Love
You Know I Love Mangoes
What Kind of Love
The Pink Moon Makes Us Ponder
Do You Remember, Too?
Love Creates Love


As a composer, I see each composition process as giving birth to a child. This album was birthed in a lot of labor pain. Two of the songs were written many years ago but some were written right after a recent break up. There is a mix of emotions when someone walks out your life: betrayal, anger, bitterness, sadness, loneliness, and jealousy – but none can be compared to the intensity of missing someone. I realize I can’t escape such pain with drugs, alcohol, or jumping on a dating site to find a rebound. I decided to embrace my pain, alone in my basement apartment, writing songs. After a year of recovery, I thought I was well enough to finally move on, but depression came back right before the recording sessions began. I felt like a ballerina with split toes who nevertheless has to put on her pointe shoes and go onto the stage. Although the delivery process of this album was painful, I am still a proud mother presenting this beautiful baby to the world. During this project, I have learned that pain is as sacred as joy. Pain is what a woman has left to prove to the world that she has loved. It is the receipt she can hold to prove that she has paid the price of love, regardless how imperfect her love is. Yet such pain can be transformed into something beautiful in an artist’s hands, it is not suffered in vain.

Yet it is not easy to sing about love while disillusioned by it! I remembered my composition mentor’s words after hearing my heartbroken story behind my master’s thesis. She challenged me to believe in Love again: “You have to believe in Love, and you have to believe that you deserve love; then you will find the right person.” Though this great master has taught me various composition techniques, form, structure, harmony, rhythm, etc., during my graduate school years, this is the most valuable thing I take away with me. Therefore, right after I completed my master’s degree in composition, I started working on this album, to re-proclaim the power of Love. It is written and sung in the most sincere and truthful language; it is simple yet profound, like a mother’s lullaby for her child.

Set for Love is an album of twelve original love songs in a spectrum of styles and it celebrates more than just romantic love. During my time of grieving over the loss, I realize I am still very blessed with family and dear friends who care deeply about me and surround me with love while I battle depression. At the moment of losing of my faith or hope of finding love again, their love for me has helped me to regain strength to move forward. I would like to thank my brilliant lyricist David Keyes and his wife Wendy for their constant support, their faith in me, and for investing in this album. Thanks to my dear mother who has shown the greatest love to me on a daily basis. To my family: Dad, Mu, Tomomi, Kaede, Michael, and Seth. To our fabulous producer, Ulysses for bringing my musical vision to life and welcoming me to a new musical family and to our talented studio engineers Chris Sulit and Dave Darlington. To my voice coaches, Kate and Jeremiah, for their encouragement to have my voice heard. Special thanks to my composition mentors Tania Leon and Michael Patterson for their care and mentorship. Thanks to my choir and students at the Church of Grace to Fujianese and Citylights Community for providing me a spiritual home. Thanks to my dear friends Pat, Jason, Linda, Alicia, Eimi, Kristal, Kris, Eva, Emily and Kathy for their listening ears and everyone who has supported me during difficulty. Most importantly, profound thanks for my savior Jesus Christ, for being the source of my strength and inspiration.

May my dear listeners be surrounded with love even in times of hatred and division and may the love of God unite us despite our differences and imperfections.
-Mavis Pan