Massimo Faraò Trio – 70’s Piano Shades, Vol. 1 (2019)

Massimo Faraò Trio - 70's Piano Shades, Vol. 1 (2019)
Artist: Massimo Faraò Trio
Album: 70’s Piano Shades, Vol. 1
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Italy
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Heartbreaker 00:03:40
Your Song 00:02:37
Los Angelenos 00:02:07
L’appuntamento 00:03:07
All by Myself 00:03:45
September Morn (feat. Nicola Barbon, Marco Tolotti) 00:03:04
Life on Mars? 0:03:30
52nd Street 00:03:08
Rocket Man 00:05:44
September (feat. Nicola Barbon, Bobo Facchinetti) 00:02:03
Just the Way You Are (feat. Nicola Barbon, Marco Tolotti) 00:03:43
I Will Survive (feat. Nicola Barbon, Bobo Facchinetti) 00:02:49
Song for Guy 00:03:00
Right Down the Line 00:02:19
Weekend Song 00:03:10
Morning Has Broken (feat. Nicola Barbon, Marco Tolotti) 00:03:34
Lost in Love (feat. Nicola Barbon, Marco Tolotti) 00:03:18
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (feat. Nicola Barbon, Bobo Facchinetti) 00:03:06
Until the Night 00:04:52
I Don’t Know How to Love Him (feat. Nicola Barbon, Bobo Facchinetti) 00:02:31
Long Train Running (feat. Nicola Barbon, Marco Tolotti) 00:04:06
Vienna 00:04:06
Go Your Own Way (feat. Nicola Barbon, Bobo Facchinetti) 00:03:07
Root Beer Bag 00:02:18
Griechiescher Wein 00:04:14


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