Maria Jacobs – Lucky Girl (2018)

Maria Jacobs - Lucky Girl (2018)
Artist: Maria Jacobs
Album: Lucky Girl
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
My Favorite Things 03:36
If We Never Touch Again 03:24
Lucky Girl 05:55
What If 04:13
Pour Me A Cup Of Yesterday 03:39
I Wanna Feel Your Body 03:33
Can We End This Love 04:18
My Blue Heart 04:39
This Song 03:05

Bonus Track:
Closer To Christmas (Birth Of A Savior) 03:13


Cleveland-based singer-songwriter Maria Jacobs has one of the most beautiful voices in the Greater Cleveland music scene. Jacobs is a singer-songwriter that has been preforming in the Greater Cleveland area for several years. As she has a very clear and beautiful quality to her singing voice, it’s easy to see why it is that she chose Jazz as her main musical genre. Jacobs has already created several albums of music at this point. Maria Jacobs has just returned with her latest offering. While the last few releases from her have been winter or Christmas related, this new album finds the singer creating an album of music that focuses on a strong Jazz delivery. The newest release from Maria Jacobs is entitled Lucky Girl.

To begin her new album of music, Maria Jacobs starts off with a well-known classic entitled “My Favorite Things”. A musical standard made famous by Julie Andrews, the new version by Jacobs takes the tune and rearranges it to give the song a completely fresh feel. The track, which was originally created with Andrews singing atop an orchestration that featured strings, has been redesigned and now comes with a jazzy arrangement that revolves around the feel of a keyboard. That keyboard-based Jazz style takes the standard tune and makes it feel very modern.

Lucky Girl from Maria Jacobs continues with the track “If We Never Touch Again”. The track features a Smooth Jazz approach in the music. When Maria begins to sing, you end up with a track that would almost definitely make you do a double take on the album cover to the release as Jacobs’ vocals contain a quality where you would swear someone else is singing the track. To clarify, Jacobs’ vocals come across as sounding as if it weren’t actually Maria Jacobs but a singer such as Marilyn McCoo or Dionne Warwick doing the singing. “If We Never Touch Again” was originally released as a single by Jacobs and is now available on this release.

The feel of the music slows down on the title track of Maria Jacobs’ new album. “”Lucky Girl” takes on a slow pace to the music that feels rather timeless in its sound. The track brings to mind artists like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day and other singers from years gone by who used to sing songs that are now part of the Great American Songbook. “Lucky Girl” is one track off of Maria Jacobs’ album that could easily find itself being included in the same book years from now because of the classic feel of the song.

Bringing the feel of her music back into the modern era, Maria Jacobs creates the track “What If”. Like the track “If We Never Touch Again” from earlier in the album, “What If” is the type of track that features a strong modern approach to the music that falls into the Smooth Jazz category. “What If” not only features the beautiful and smooth voice of Jacobs, it also allows the background musicians to come through. The guitars and saxophone on the track bring the Smooth Jazz feel of the track alive. “What If” is one track on the Lucky Girl release from Maria Jacobs that deserves to be put into regular rotation on any Smooth Jazz radio format.

Like many Jazz albums, the tracks found on Lucky Girl from Maria Jacobs are a nice mix of styles. And one particular track, “Pour Me a Cup of Yesterday,” finds Jacobs revisiting a track she had originally put out on her Free as a Dove album from back in 2010. The new version of the track does not really “reinvent the wheel” as much as it simply takes a track from the older release and gives it a fresh feel to keep the song alive in the fans of Maria Jacobs and her music.

Sometimes, it’s good to listen to an album straight through. Otherwise, you may miss a few little nuances that help to make an album feel like one entity and not just like a collection of tunes. The music of the Lucky Girl album segues nicely between the “Pour Me a Cup of Yesterday” song and the track that follows it, “I Wanna Feel Your Body”. The two tracks have very similar styles in their musical approaches as well as having musical paces that match up well. The segue that happens between the two tracks unify the two tracks and make the feel of the album flow rather nicely.

If there was one track that truly stands out on the new release from Maria Jacobs, it would have to be “Can We End This Love”. The piano-based track is one of the strongest tunes on the entire Lucky Girl album. The duet that is featured on the track ends up being one of the more unique moments as it shows off Jacobs’ ability to harmonize. The music contained within the track is some of the most appealing of the entire release. “Can We End This Love” is one track on the new Maria Jacobs album that will easily catch the listener’s ear.

Throughout the ten tracks that make up the Lucky Girl album from Maria Jacobs, the listener finds many moments that prove that not all classic jazz albums made today end up on major labels; although, this album deserves to be picked up for distribution as it is as strong as any major label release out there today. If you are a fan of Jazz music, Lucky Girl from Maria Jacobs needs to find its way into your music collection.
by Matheson Kamin