Lydia Pense & Cold Blood – Transfusion (2005)

Lydia Pense & Cold Blood - Transfusion (2005)
Artist: Lydia Pense & Cold Blood
Album: Transfusion
Genre: R&B, Funk, Blue-Eyed Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2005
Quality: mp3, VBR 232-264 kbps

01. Face The Music (05:10)
02. It’s the Man That Makes the Clothes (03:57)
03. It Could Be Me It Must Be You (04:11)
04. Coming Back (04:19)
05. Wait for You (04:33)
06. Guide Me Home (04:29)
07. Hooked on You (04:04)
08. Down to My Last Heartache (04:32)
09. You Make Me Sweat (03:39)
10. Cool Drink (04:42)
11. Will This Saga Ever End (04:21)
12. Down to the Bone (04:52)


Lydia Pense and Cold Blood work in close coordination on Transfusion, bringing forth a big, soulful sound. Pense, who handles most of the lead vocals, is a powerful, full-throated singer, reminding one of Bonnie Raitt and Toni Price. It makes sense, then, to put a fairly large group like Cold Blood behind her. The trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, bass, electric guitar, percussion, and background vocals work well with Pense’s extroverted style, providing her ample cushioning for emotive flights of fancy. Transfusion gets a funky start with “Face the Music,” the first of two pieces written by Steve Dunne. Interestingly, “Face the Music” runs over five minutes, but — thanks to the perfect blending of vocals, instrumental work, and performance — the song never feels long. With songs like “It Could Be Me It Must Be You,” featuring guest vocalists Lenny Williams, Pense and Cold Blood glance back toward the ’70s, capturing a groove somewhere between soul and pop. There’s also an interesting guest vocal by Michelle Shocked on the last track, “Down to the Bone.” Shocked and Pense concoct a fun, freewheeling duet here that’s kicked into overdrive by Steve Dunne’s guitar work. Filled with lots of funky instrumental work, lively vocals, and good material, Transfusion’s soulful groove is easy to enjoy.
Review by Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

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