Luke Maxim – Stay (2015)

Luke Maxim - Stay (2015)
Artist: Luke Maxim
Album: Stay
Genre: Vocal Jazz/Pop
Origin: Canada (Toronto)
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Sunshine 03:53
02. Stay 04:57
03. Tonight We Fly 03:32
04. I Can’t Give You Anything 02:44
05. Slow Down 04:36
06. I Can’t Help It 03:59
07. Everlong 04:44
08. More Than A Dream 04:56
09. Young And Beautiful 05:01
10. Tu Vuo Fa L’americano 02:48
11. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 04:22


Luke Maxim is an up & coming jazz vocalist whose music possesses a swagger reminiscent of the genres golden age. After amassing a dedicated following through performances in the hottest lounges and venues in Toronto, Maxim has come to be well known in his hometown and is regarded as one of music’s ‘next big things’. His ability to revive the classics in ways that account for modern sensibilities has distinguished him from his peers and set him in a league of his own. His debut album, Stay, perfectly encapsulates the intimacy of his performances in exquisite detail and in a manner that is relatable, inspiring, uplifting, and heartbreaking.

Maxim’s debut record opens with “Sunshine”; a mellow piece in which no time is wasted giving listeners a taste of his vocal chops. The lively pace this song takes allows for a more captivating rendering of this heartfelt opener complete with fluid runs and dynamic instrumentation including well-placed saxophone infusion.

The momentum continues with title track “Stay”; a song reminiscent of rainy days with someone you love. Let it be known and unquestioned from here on out that Maxim has soul. That intangible and unteachable quality select musicians possess that allow them to take a song to the next level. Taking a slower approach to this piece Maxim delicately croons – pleading almost – in such a way that it quickly becomes impossible to divert your attention as you are completely engulfed in the atmosphere that has been created just for you.

As the album continues I find that I am moved beyond the stellar sonic combination that is Maxim’s voice and renowned pianist Adrean Farrugia. I am moved by the plain-spoken and sheer honesty of his lyrics. Tracks like “Slow Down” and “More Than A Dream” are piercing numbers that not only cut to the center of who Maxim is as an artist – but who he is as a man. Redefining the meaning of and raising the bar for fellow artists who would consider their music intimate Maxim cruises down the smoothest of roads on the back of reimagining’s of The Foo Fighters “Everlong”, Lana Del Ray’s “Young And Beautiful”, and Renato Carosone’s classic “Tu Vuò Fa L’Americano”.

All in all, I find Stay to be a very bright star in an otherwise dull sky. Music for many today has become a distorted form of art that has been abused as a money making scheme. As a result artists have become mechanical – that is to say they are not experimenting but instead playing it safe within genre bounds and societal expectations. Enter Luke Maxim – an artist with an understanding and appreciation for music so deep that it bleeds into his work. His infusion of modern pop and r&b coupled with traditional and swing jazz sets him firmly on his own feet. If this is to be his identity I do earnestly look forward to witnessing how far he can go

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