Luca Mundaca – Day By Day (2005)

Luca Mundaca - Day By Day (2005)
Artist: Luca Mundaca
Album: Day By Day
Genre: Bossa Nova
Origin: Brazil
Released: 2005
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Nao Se Apavore (4:39)
Cidades (4:29)
Day By Day (4:20)
Minha Flor (4:53)
Ha Dias (3:51)
Deixa (5:44)
Berenguendem (3:34)
Me Faz Bem (4:43)
Quase Nada (4:14)
Minha Flor (My Love) (4:59)


Luca Mundaca = Brazilian Jazz at its best! Luca is the new voice of bossa nova. When she performs, her smooth, sultry voice will take you straight to the heart of Brazil from the moment she sings her first note.

Luca just completed a successful spring tour in association with Putumayo World Music. Her music can be found on two of their compalations – Brazilian Lounge(2006) and Women of the World Acoustic(2007). Luca’s song “Ha Dias” was recently chosen for an upcoming movie – more information coming soon!

Luca’s story – Luca was born in Chile and moved with her family to a small town south of Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 6. When Luca turned 15 she decided that she wanted a guitar. Luca is a self-taught musician. She wrote her first song the day she learned her first three chords. From that moment on, Luca devoted her life to her music.

In 1999 Luca moved to New York City and 8 months later was signed by a major label. They recorded a CD and prepared to launch Luca’s career – then September 11th happened, and the label was forced to let go most of their jazz department just a few months before Luca’s CD was to be released.

Luca was now on her own in New York, struggling to make ends. This is the point where Lumeni Productions, a family that started an independent label, becomes involved. Lumeni knew that Luca deserved a chance and they believed in her voice and music. Lumeni sent Luca to Brazil to record and self-produce her album titled “Day by Day”. “Day by Day” is a beautiful CD; it is getting much recognition from some of the top music industry people.