Lewis Porter / Phil Scarff Group – Three Minutes to Four (2017)

Lewis Porter / Phil Scarff Group - Three Minutes to Four (2017)
Artist: Lewis Porter / Phil Scarff Group
Album: Three Minutes to Four
Genre: Post-Bop / Hard Bop
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Journey. 8:04
Bageshri-Bageshwari, Pt. 1: Introduction. Alap. 2:10
Bageshri-Bageshwari, Pt. 2. 9:32
Olivier. 4:54
Long Ago. 6:27
Raga Shree Gajarawa Baje Hi Rahila Baje Hi Baje. 8:18
Skies of South Africa Suite: I. Bird Songs of H. 1:46
Skies of South Africa Suite: II. Branches in th. 4:40
Three Minutes to Four. 6:30
Striver’s Row. 5:23
Serially Retro Suite: Dozens Not Baker’s – Retr. 5:58
Raga Bhairavi, Pt. 1: Introduction. Alap. 1:31
Raga Bhairavi, Pt. 2. 8:07


Lewis Porter plays piano while Phil Scarff mixes tenor, soprano and sopranino sax with the Indian strung tamboura as they co-lead a quartet of originals with John Funkouser/b and Bertram Lehmann/dr. With the tamboura, Scarff creates some South Asian moods that mix well with jazz as on the “Raga Bhairavi” with his soprano sax and the “Skies of South Africa Suite” that have him on tenor and soprano as the rhythm team lurks with luminosity. Porter’s piano leads on the cantering “Journey” and delivers mysterious mood for Scarff’s serpentine tenor on “Oliver” with the team bops and Funkhouser delivers a deep groove on the Indian bopper “Bageshri.” Intriguing and exotic without a hint of gimmickry.
by George W. Harris