Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg – Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg (2018)

Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg - Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg (2018)
Artist: Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg
Album: Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg
Genre: Free Jazz
Origin: Norway / Sweden
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Ears Anciens (14:00)
Omnivore’s Aperitif (6:25)
Ghost Training (8:49)
Solitude Chant (12:51)


“WITH SOFIA JERNBERG” was released by “Clean Feed Records”. It’s a great album recorded by “Lana Trio” and Sofia Jernberg. The musicians, who are improvisaing in this album, are masterful and talented jazz masters – it’s Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø ( trombone), Kjetil Jerve (piano), Andreas Wildhagen (drums and percussion) and Sofia Jernberg (voice). The music by these musicians, is based on spontaneous musical decisions and free improvisations. It’s totally based on avant-garde jazz, but also has some relations with other music styles. The elements of bebop, hard-bop and post bop are heard very strongly, especially in the rhythmic section. Mild intonations of academic avant-garde, experimental music, contemporary academical music also are used here, but it’s organicaly mixed with avant-garde jazz. The sound of academic avant-garde and other similar music styles is created by using some specific expressions and playing techniques – modern and innovative playing techniques, electronics, special effects and other similar elements of contemporary academical music, are used here and synthesized with experimental ways of playing and free improvisation. Music by these creative jazz masters has remarkable, fresh and evocative sound.

“With Sofia Jernberg’ is based on interesting and original musical decisions and dynamic sound. Mostly, it’s based on free improvisations and spontaneous solos, but also has some peaceful and calm excerpts, unpredictable stylistic changes and especially rich and colorful musical language. The synthesis of vocal and instrumental improvisations is made here. Expressive and passionate instruments solos, remarkable and impressive melodies, sharp harmony, special effects and huge range of colorful and weird sounds are brightly and colorfully fused with free, fresh and evocative vocal improvisations. Sofia Jernberg voice improvisations are dynamic, emotional and expressive, based on inventive musical decisions and experiments. Vocalist uses especially wide spectre of extended playing techniques, experimental ways of playing, colorful expressions, and rhythms. She switches between different moods and emotions very suddenly and creates a contrasting and colorful sound. Imitations of various instruments, haloos, hoots, hallows, calls, shouts, whoops and other similar elements create extraordinary and effective sound. It’s also make an effort to whole sound of the album – makes it more colorful, live, original and bright. Voice improvisations are independent from the instruments – free, extraordinary and colorful solos are especially expressive, contrasting and innovative. Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø bright and loud trombone melodies bring powerful and vibrant sound, solid and static melodies and firm bass line to the compositions. His solos are filled with static and monotonic rhythmic, deep and solid melodies which are connected with the opposite – expressive, colorful, rapid and vibrant solos. Trombone melodies are ornamented with huge range of special effects, colorful and weird sounds and full of original stylistic waves. Kjetil Jerve piano melodies – especially expressive, mooving, virtuosic and frantic. Expressive and emotional solos, marvelous and charming passages, vibrant, energetic and frantic free improvisations, dissonance harmony – all these elements make an effort to rigorous, sharp, active and energetic sound. But his improvisations also are filled with calm, relaxing, peaceful and silent solos – it’s lyrical and subtle mood, abstract musical pattern and it’s based on weird timbres and sounds. Andreas Wildhagen drums and percussion section is full of everything – loud, frantic and furious solos, free and turbulent improvisations, colorful and gorgeous timbres, various rhythmic forms, monotonic and static rhythmic which is fused together with expressive and dynamic – all these elements are connected together in one place. The drums section is full of inventive musical decisions, innovative and impressive musical experiments and has colorful, expressive and dynamic sound. The music of this album has original, extraordinary and remarkable sound.

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