Lalomie Washburn – My Music Is Hot (1977)

Lalomie Washburn - My Music Is Hot (1977)
Artist: Lalomie Washburn
Album: My Music Is Hot
Genre: Funk/Soul/Disco
Origin: USA
Released: 1977
Quality: mp3, VBR ~191 kbps

01. Give Me Love With The Music (5:32)
02. Double Funkin’ (4:53)
03. My Love Is Hot (Caliente) (6:39)
04. Man Power (Can You Do It) (5:17)
05. Shade Of Blue (3:53)
06. Freaky Strangeness (5:09)
07. What’s Love (4:02)


Although Lalomie Washburn has provided background vocals for many R&B artists and has written songs for greats like Chaka Khan and Buddy Miles, she never got very far as a solo artist. And that isn’t because of weak material — although 1977’s little known My Music Is Hot falls short of being a gem, it’s a decent soul-funk outing. The title is accurate; Washburn is definitely a hot-blooded vocalist, and sweaty numbers like “Double Funkin‘”, “Freaky Strangeness” and the Latin-flavored “My Love Is Hot (Caliente)” make it clear that she is very much a belter. With the right exposure, My Music Is Hot might have done well. But the LP, which came out on the Casablanca-distributed Parachute label, received very little attention — and it wasn’t long before you could find unopened copies selling for as little as 50 cents in small mom-and-pop stores.

Sure she may look like a man in a frizzy wig, but she sure sounds like a lady. Apparently Lalomie used to be a backing vocalist for several r&b artists before she decided to go on her own venture. This album is definitely funky, soulful and well it’s full of spice, and yes her music is actually hot and steamy. She’s a pretty darned good singer, and the folks playing the instruments on here know exactly what they are doing too. We get funky guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and some great horns for punctuation, it’s everything I hoped for! From the pep of “Double Funkin‘” to the fantastic Latin inspired groove of “My Love Is Hot (Caliente)“, to the bouncy “Man Power (Can You Do It)” to the well-written “What’s Love“. “Shade Of Blue” was maybe a little too circusy but that’s probably the biggest complaint of the album aside from the record cover. It’s really a shame this one will probably never get a proper release as only few seen to know what this is, but I guarantee that it’s better than it looks!

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