Lack Of Afro – Hello Baby (2016)

Lack Of Afro - Hello Baby (2016)
Artist: Lack Of Afro
Album: Hello Baby
Genre: Funk/Soul/R&B/Breaks
Origin: UK
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Hello Baby
02. I Got The Rhythm feat. Elliott Cole
03. All My Love feat. Juliette Ashby
04. Peace & Love
05. Take You Home feat. Joss Stone
06. Nothing Personal feat. Elliott Cole
07. The Bakery Girl Intermission
08. One World feat. Herbal T
09. Fires Glow feat. Emma Noble
10. Magic Together feat. Elliott Cole
11. Walk In The Sun feat. Professor Elemental
12. Now I Feel Good feat. Elliott Cole


Hot on the heels of the brilliant Junior Oliver release ‘Bristol Fashion’ mere months ago, Adam Gibbons once again throws on the Lack of Afro cape and unveils no less than his fifth studio album, ‘Hello Baby’.

What’s even more exciting about the album is that, like ‘Bristol Fashion’, this adds a further string to the bow of Gibbons’ own LOA Records – the independent record label he founded in 2015 to nurture his own indelible passion for quality music and talent. And “indelible passion” seems an apt description when discussing Gibbons and music. Just like Warner Bros Records creating Paisley Park Records for Prince in a bid to channel his creative energies into projects away from his own – because they simply couldn’t keep up with his output – that same unrelenting desire to constantly create music is what many people adore in Adam Gibbons, and why the Lack of Afro brand means so much to people. And why LOA Records can only be destined for success!

“I was impressed with the way he just ‘got it’ straight away, he understood the sound I wanted to create.” Long-time friend and collaborator, Angeline Morrison, brought up when we previously discussed the Gibbons contribution to her awesome Freestyle Records release, ‘Are You Ready Cat?’. “He collects a lot of analogue equipment and knows his way around all of that, so his ability to create an authentic vintage feel on tracks is superb.”

‘Hello Baby’ boasts an eclectic mix of Lack of Afro’s trademark fiery northern soul stompers and disco-funk boogies all expertly balanced out by Gibbons’ production skill and brought to life by a diverse mix of vocalists including Joss Stone, Juliette Ashby, long-time friend and collaborator rapper Herbal T, and fellow LOA Records artists Emma Noble and Elliott Cole. Standouts throughout the album include ‘I Got The Rhythm’, ‘Take You Home’, ‘Fires Glow’ and ‘All My Love’ but it’s an album with very little to falter.

LOA Records have found unique and innovative ways to engage and nurture their audience: the “5 in 10” series, limited edition CDs, cassette releases and most importantly… genuine talent. LOA Records is oozing with it and is amassing a staggering catalogue for such a young label. 2016 is certain to be a big year for them but also for anyone wise enough to be following them.