Kjell Jansson Quartet – A True Swede (2000)

Kjell Jansson Quartet - A True Swede (2000)
Artist: Kjell Jansson Quartet
Album: A True Swede
Genre: Hard Bop
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2000
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Lugnet (Peace and Quiet) (Jansson) – 5:50
02. I Monks Kok (In Monk’s Kitchen) (Jansson) – 5:16
03. En Flakt Fran Faboden (A Touch of Folklore) (Jansson) – 5:47
04. Sixteen – Twelve Blues (Jansson) – 6:28
05. Svensk Folkvisa (Swedish Folk Song) (Jansson) – 6:01
06. Greenpeace (Jansson) – 3:51
07. Agne Went to Billie (Jansson) – 6:01
08. Song for Bernt (Jansson) – 6:01
09. A True Swede (In Memory of Leroy Lowe) (Jansson) – 4:37
10. Blues for Bassist (Jansson) – 6:44
11. Ballad for My Father (Jansson) – 4:41


Bassist Kjell Jansson is a very interesting songwriter for, although his writing is fresh and not derivative, he composes mostly in the hard bop idiom. His quartet on True Swede features tenor saxophonist Gilbert Holmstrom (who sometimes hints at early John Coltrane), the Thelonious Monk-inspired pianist Tommy Kotter, and drummer Rune Carlsson. The music ranges from a Monk tribute and a Swedish folk song (“Svensk Folkvisa”) to features for the individual players. Although the musicians are not highly individual or innovative, they are creative within the older style and always swing, even on the occasionally melancholy ballads. Kjell Jansson is a Swedish songwriter and musician whose music is well worth exploring by fans of straight-ahead jazz.
Review by Scott Yanow