Julian Vaughn – Supreme (2019)

Julian Vaughn - Supreme (2019)
Artist: Julian Vaughn
Album: Supreme
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Flash Back Friday 05:02
Black Dynamite 04:31
Sunset Station 04:20
On Notice 04:24
Ya Dig 04:57
Afro Calypso 04:10
Afternoon Delight 04:23
Finally 05:00
Strut 04:04
Come Here 04:15
Ready Or Not 04:52


Continuing his funky lead bass party, Trippin N Rhythm artist Julian Vaughn lays out some new and phat grooves on his latest release Supreme that have become an essential component of his own “it” factor, that indelible signature that he can call his own.

Wasting no time introducing you to this powerful collection of originals (and one cover track recorded by After 7 and written by Babyface), the bassist jumps on the high road and kicks it all off with the up-tempo lead track “Flash Back Friday” followed by a mid-tempo and the thick and funky “Black Dynamite” which features a really nice horn arrangement with Donald Hayes on sax.

Keeping it all solidly appealing and diverse in tempo, Vaughn mixes it up by tossing in some slow and soulful numbers like “On Notice,” again featuring Hayes on that smooth and silky sax, “Come Here” featuring saxman Marcus Anderson, “Ya Dig” featuring Nicholas Cole, a cover of the Babyface-written After 7 tune “Ready Or Not,” as well as the exotic, island-tinged “Afro Calypso” and the very melodic mid-tempo groove “Finally.” Of course, your dance fever is not forgotten as he cranks out “Afternoon Delight” and “Strut” (a high-steppin’ tune with a more mid- than up-tempo vibe that does just that – struts).

This is a very well-produced album featuring quite a few well-known c-jazz artists as contributors, including bassist Mel Brown, guitarist Adam Hawley, keyboardists Greg Manning and Lew Laing, saxmen Darren Rahn, Marcus Anderson, and Elan Trotman (in addition to Donald Hayes) and many more. It’s a full-bodied album with clout and class. Check out this A-quality effort. – Ronald Jackson