John Bunch – Do Not Disturb (2010)

John Bunch - Do Not Disturb (2010)
Artist: John Bunch
Album: Do Not Disturb
Genre: Mainstream Jazz, Piano Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. John’s Bunch [06:59]
02. Doxy [06:40]
03. Bill [02:47]
04. Do Not Disturb [06:34]
05. My Ideal [03:00]
06. Anthropology [06:31]
07. I’ve Just Seen Her [05:43]
08. Four [05:04]
09. My Man’s Gone Now [03:15]
10. In Your Own Sweet Way [06:23]
11. Come Sunday [06:06]
12. You’re My Everything [06:25]
13. Get Out of Town [06:33]


While veteran jazz pianist John Bunch has always been of the swing era, he readily embraces bebop, the music of Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck, and great show tunes. With a trio of guitarist Frank Vignola and bassist John Webber and no drummer, Bunch envisioned this combo ten years prior, recorded but did not release a session with them, and he revisits this format in 2009 with a wonderful result. Vignola fits perfectly with Bunch’s highly melodic ideas, and gets him to improvise or accompany more than most “leaders,” while they swim effortlessly through these timeless and full-bodied melodies of familiar mainstream jazz tunes and ballads. You might not expect Bunch to be adept at boogie-woogie, but there it is on the opening track, his original “John’s Bunch,” nor might you expect him to do a note-for-note perfect version of Charlie Parker’s “Anthropology” in lockstep with Vignola. He unearths the title track, an Ellington blues/ballad, and pristinely interprets “Come Sunday,” while versions of “Four” and “Doxy” are as laid-back and simplified as a relaxing day at the beach. There’s absolutely no forced movement on Do Not Disturb, but rather an effortless swing and good feelings between these three excellent musicians, a testament to Bunch’s long-lasting viability in authentic and substantive jazz modes.
Review by Michael G. Nastos