Joel Evans & Friends – Just What The Doctor Ordered (2016)

Joel Evans & Friends - Just What The Doctor Ordered (2016)
Artist: Joel Evans & Friends
Album: Just What The Doctor Ordered
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Just What The Doctor Ordered (3:45)
02. Changing My Tune (3:21)
03. I Still Believe In The Blues (4:18)
04. Anytime That I’m With You (3:04)
05. Sunday Morning (4:06)
06. The Devil’s Daughter (3:57)
07. Someone’s Fav’rite Someone (3:51)
08. Now That You’re Gone (4:03)
09. Probably The Sunny Day (4:02)
10. Jump Right In (3:13)
11. One Of A Kind, Kind Of Love (4:30)
12. I Like The Way (4:32)
13. Out On A Limb (2:57)
14. Boogie With My Baby (3:43)
15. Star Bright (3:44)
16. You Made A Believer Out Of Me (3:42)
17. Do That (3:48)


With his unique brand of swing and jazz songs, prolific composer Joel Evans delivers a marvelous offering: seventeen new and original tracks in classic and retro styles – Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Tim Hockenberry, semifinalist on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” competition, sings the title track. The song was also covered as a duet by Roberta Donnay and Nicolas Bearde on Roberta’s 2015 DownBeat Magazine TOP 50 album (4-5 star reviews). The song’s co-writer is the marvelous writer/performer Barbara Martin.

Track #8, “Now That You’re Gone”, was licensed for acclaimed Writer/Director Joss Whedon’s indy film, “In Your Eyes”, starring Zoe Kazan. Lyric by hit songwriter Andre Pessis.

Track #9, “Probably the Sunny Day”, is heard in episode #407 of Showtime’s hit series, “Shameless”. The song was co-written by Nashville songwriter extraordinaire, Lisa Aschmann.

Track #14, “Boogie with my Baby”, is an homage to the Andrews Sisters. Its wonderful lyric is by LA’s multi-talented Adryan Russ, writer of lyrics and music for film, television, musical theater and the pop world. It was featured on CBS’ “Young & Restless”.

Featuring wonderfully talented male and female guest vocal artists, Just What The Doctor Ordered provides an entertaining variety of styles. Songs like the up-tempo 50s-60s Vegas lounge track “Changing My Tune” and the bright, brisk, spirited jazz combo “Anytime That I’m With You” are standouts.