Jeremy Pelt – Griot: This Is Important! (2021)

Jeremy Pelt - Griot: This Is Important! (2021)
Artist: Jeremy Pelt
Album: Griot: This Is Important!
Genre: Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2021
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Griot – Intro (Words by Jeremy Pelt) (Music with Commentary) (2:59)
Words by Paul West (Spoken Commentary) (0:59)
Carry Christ Wherever You Are (Instrumental) (6:55)
Words by Larry Willis (Spoken Commentary) (0:51)
Underdog (Instrumental) (4:35)
Words by JD Allen (Spoken Commentary) (1:03)
Don’t Dog the Source (Instrumental) (6:55)
Words by Bertha Hope (Spoken Commentary) (0:58)
A Seat at the Table (Words by Bertha Hope) (Music with Commentary) (3:00)
Words by Harold Mabern (Spoken Commentary) (0:38)
Solidarity (Instrumental) (5:42)
Words by René Marie (Spoken Commentary) (1:25)
A Beautiful (F*cking) Lie (Instrumental) (4:58)
In Spite of… (Words by Warren Smith) (Music with Commentary) (1:18)
Words by Ambrose Akinmusire (Spoken Commentary) (1:10)
Relevance (Instrumental) (4:44)