Jean Chaumont – The Beauty of Differences (2018)

Jean Chaumont - The Beauty of Differences (2018)
Artist: Jean Chaumont
Album: The Beauty of Differences
Genre: Fusion, Contemporary Jazz
Origin: France
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Renewed Perspective (00:04:57)
Audrey’s Code (00:05:07)
Delaware and Raritan (00:04:40)
Prayer for Creation (00:04:31)
This One is for You (00:03:37)
The Beauty of Differences (00:07:22)
For Each One of Them (00:06:38)
PPCB (00:06:02)
Marathon of Love (00:04:16)


Guitarist and composer Jean Chaumont tries to use music and lyrics to bridge cultural differences on this album with a core team of Michael Bond/p-key, Ike Sturm/b, Sam Sadigursky/ss-ts and Rudy Royston/dr along with guests Tierney Sutton-Vinod Gnanaraj/voc, John Hadfield/perc and Enoch Smith Jr/B3. Sutton is luminous and glowing with a mix of classical guitar and snappy drums on “Renewed Perspective” whle graceful on “Prayer for Creation.” Gnanaraj brings chanting voice along with edgy electrics on the title track, while Sadigursky has his tenor sigh on the breathy “This One Is For You.” Chaumont is spacious on the misty “For Each One of Them” while bopping well on the bluesy ESPish and intuitive “PPCB.” The rhythm team creates a rich cadence for the leader’s modal electric tones on “Audrey’s Code” making the sounds as attractive as the message.
by George W. Harris