Jacques Schwarz-Bart – Hazzan (2018)

Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Hazzan (2018)
Artist: Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Album: Hazzan
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Fusion
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Shabbar Menuka Hi (feat. David Linx)
Mi Shebeirach
Oseh Shalom
Ahot Ketana
Avinu Malkenu
Adon Olam
Ma Nishtana
Maoz Tsour


One of the best kept secrets in jazz is the influence of Jewish melody and rhythms. Benny Goodman and Ziggy Elman incorporated Klezmer into the Swing Era with songs like “And The Angels Sing,.” Here, tenor/alto saxist Jacques Schwarz-Bart takes in traditional Israeli melodies, and with Gregory Privat/p, Stephane Kerecki/b, Arnaud Dolmen/dr and guests David Linz/voc and Darren Barrett/tp, mixes post bop harmonies with Sabra tunes.

A mix of Afro Cuban and handclaps gives a Sephardic feel to the celebrative “Shabbat Menuki Hi” , with some bopping sax work on “Mi Shebeirach.” Darren’s trumpet growls on the modal “Maoz Tsour” with Linx reciting a poem on the folk tuned “Ahot Ketana.” The rhythm team gets assertive on the dramatic “Adon Olam” with some piercing cries by the leader, and a free “Avinu Malkenu” and soft “Ma Nishtana” gives example of his warmer tone. The anthem “Daienu” closes out the album with a modernization of harmonies, showing that Old and New Jerusalem can coexist without batting an eye. Impressive sounds from the land of peace.
by George W. Harris