Isaac Byrd Jr. – Life (2016)

Isaac Byrd Jr. - Life (2016)
Artist: Isaac Byrd Jr.
Album: Life
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Introducing IBJ 01:32
02. Phunk Life 03:57
03. Life 07:07
04. Dreams 04:16
05. A Song For Mama (Gloria’s Song) 05:26
06. Colors Of Life 04:26
07. Movin’ On 04:19
08. Love Comes Back 05:04
09. Meek 04:29
10. The Come Up 04:46
11. Rebirth 04:39


There are many artists in the urban jazz artists who write and perform catchy, perfectly fine songs — but when asked to explain their inspiration, they can’t articulate a connection to offer any life history or emotional journey. The soulful and versatile Isaac Byrd, Jr. is the opposite, bringing a truly triumphant personal story to the deeply emotional, rhythmically infectious and melodically compelling songs of Life. Though his debut album Beginnings is perfectly enjoyable, it’s impressive that he’s working with one of urban jazz’s top artists, Nils, to help him up his game as an urban jazz artist – and the confidence, excitement and energy shines through. It’s not easy for a musician who used to play heavy fusion to transition to the pocket so easily, but Byrd makes this seem effortless. He is a uniquely gifted artist and performer who, with the right game plan and promotion, could give the Rick Braun’s and Chris Botti’s of the world a run for their money.
by Jonathan Widran

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