Ingrid Jensen – Now As Then (2002)

Ingrid Jensen - Now As Then (2002)
Artist: Ingrid Jensen
Album: Now As Then
Genre: Post-Bop / Trumpet Jazz
Origin: Canada
Released: 2002
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 10:57
2. R Hour 8:27
3. Now as Then 6:38
4. Periwinkle 7:27
5. Gloria 8:39
6. Silver Prelude/Silver Twilight 6:45
7. Tony’s Town 8:47
8. Dilemma 8:48


Trumpeter Ingrid Jensen goes for a cereberal and funky organ style on Now as Then. Under the auspices of Project O, Jensen enlists the stellar support of B-3 organist Gary Versace and drummer Jon Wikan to propel her through a fiery mix of originals and standards. A firebrand, bringing to mind such edgy progenitors as Woody Shaw and Tim Hagans, Jensen proves herself a virtuoso on what has to be her best release to date. Guest spots via reed players Christine Jensen, Seamus Blake, and Steve Wilson add depth to this already stellar ensemble.
Review by Matt Collar