Igor Geržina – Bucket List (2016)

Igor Geržina - Bucket List (2016)
Artist: Igor Geržina
Album: Bucket List
Genre: Smooth Jazz/Fusion
Origin: Croatia
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Bucket List
I Feel Lucky
A Gentleman Never Tells
Stay Cool & Play Sax
Eastern Magic (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
Back on My Feet
Living out of a Suitcase (feat. Josip Grah)
Nail Your Part in a Single Take (feat. Elvis Stanic)
The Moment She Walked In
Capital City
Smart Cookie
Suburban Soul (feat. Frank Folgmann)


Exhilaration to the next level, and ferocious on style and flavor!
Gerzina wastes no time getting down to business. All twelve rounds on this spirited dynamo are Gerzina originals, and what they all share is an artistic use of the energetic promises designed to keep its listener leaping from the edge of his/her seat and boogying to his/her feet. Gerzina’s signature styling and self-assured techniques is shining through with intense radiance. Gerzina pulled no punches on this baby! Indisputable knockouts from round one through twelve.
-Jazz Quarterly (Don Martin)

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