Ibrahim Maalouf – 40 Melodies (2020)

Ibrahim Maalouf - 40 Melodies (2020)
Artist: Ibrahim Maalouf
Album: 40 Melodies
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, World Fusion
Origin: Lebanon / France
Released: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
CD 1:
True Sorry (Duo Version) (4:09)
Free Spirit (Duo Version) (feat. Jon Batiste) (4:22)
Beirut (Duo Version) (4:37)
Happy Face (Duo Version) (4:07)
Hashish (Duo Version) (2:37)
Défilé 1962 (Duo Version) (3:54)
Harlem (Duo Version) (feat. Marcus Miller) (4:32)
Red & Black Light (Duo Version) (3:12)
Kalthoum (Movement I) (Duo Version) (3:38)
Esse Emme (Duo Version) (3:16)
S3NS (Duo Version) (4:41)
Celle que vous croyez (Duo Version) (3:40)
InPressi (Duo Version) (3:48)
Diaspora (Duo Version) (feat. Trilok Gurtu) (2:54)
Les Quais (Duo Version) (feat. Kronos Quartet) (3:06)
Will Soon Be a Woman (Duo Version) (3:09)
Essentielles (Duo Version) (2:08)
Radio Magallanes (Duo Version) (5:35)
Maeva in Wonderland (Duo Version) (feat. Richard Bona) (4:35)
Surprises (Duo Version) (4:14)

CD 2:
L’Anniversaire (Duo Version) (2:24)
Levantine Symphony No. 1 (Duo Version) (feat. Lily) (4:47)
Una Rosa Blanca (Duo Version) (feat. Alfredo Rodriguez) (2:44)
Improbable (Duo Version) (3:57)
Le Grand Voyage (Duo Version) (feat. Hüsnü Şenlendirici) (3:08)
Radiance (Duo Version) (2:55)
L’Heure du T (Duo Version) (3:08)
All I Can’t Say (Duo Version) (feat. Sting) (3:11)
Gebrayel (Duo Version) (feat. Arturo Sandoval) (1:59)
Marseille (Duo Version) (feat. Vassilis Saleas) (3:49)
Your Soul (Duo Version) (2:41)
Shadows (Duo Version) (feat. M) (3:14)
Goodnight Kiss (Duo Version) (feat. Munir Hossn) (3:50)
Sensuality (Duo Version) (feat. Jowee BasH! Omicil) (4:04)
Questions & Answers (Duo Version) (3:29)
Red Rose (Duo Version) (3:21)
Election Night (Duo Version) (feat. Frederic YONNET) (2:52)
Ya Ha La (Duo Version) (2:18)
Waiting (Duo Version) (3:08)
Salma Ya Salama (Duo Version) (3:35)
All Around the Wall (3:03)
Layla’s Wedding (feat. Sarah Reich) (2:28)
If I (6:16)