Hose – Hose III (2012)

Hose - Hose III (2012)
Artist: Hose
Album: Hose III
Genre: Jazz-Rock, Experimental
Origin: Japan
Released: 2012
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Journey To Region N 5:38
Bring Nothing To J.F. 4:38
Theme For H.I. 6:20
Stones From The City Of S 7:59
Stray Away 4:31
Unrecorded Feast In The Town Of M 2:08
Lament For Exiled Golem 7:21
Waiting For The Last Bus 1:30
Captain O.M. Is Diseased 10:32
On Extinction 3:47
Mud’s Tango 9:02
Outside Of Time 7:37
Unfounded Music Of T.I. 1:23


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