Hose – Hose II (2008)

Hose - Hose II (2008)
Artist: Hose
Album: Hose II
Genre: Jazz-Rock, Experimental
Origin: Japan
Released: 2008
Quality: mp3, VBR 220 kbps
Nana Has Just Been Fired 5:31
Doomful House Where Saito Hose Used To Live 5:44
The Bilbao Specter 6:08
A Song Which Would Possibly Become Popular After Our Death 4:26
What I Thought While I Was Watching A Baseball Game On TV 2:47
How Buckwheat Noodle Could Be Introduced Into The Ground Nadir 4:06
Unknown Death Of A Wooden Stick 5:05
La Mer 4:25
Needlecraft Murder Case 11:03
A Song Which Should Be Forgotten Immediately After It’s Played 6:01