Harve Mann – Instrumentally Yours (2018)

Harve Mann - Instrumentally Yours (2018)
Artist: Harve Mann
Album: Instrumentally Yours
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
That Old Hifi 06:53
Higher Reality 05:05
Find The Beauty 04:03
The Comeback 05:01
Haute Cuisine 02:19
Mama’s Eyes 08:38
Leftovers Still Coming 02:20
Plumber In Love 02:19
A Whole Different Thing 03:53
Survival 2018 02:58
Desire 03:02
Dumdrum 02:03
The Way I’ve Been 03:19
Boston Beagle 05:33
Zonar Gets Success 04:17
That Slow Dance With You (Bonus Cut) 04:29
A Small Part Of Your Life (Bonus Cut) 03:36
I Just Love To Entertain 1982 (Bonus Cut) 03:37


People have suggested for years that Harve Mann do an all instrumental album. Here at last is Instrumentally Yours. Starting with That Old Hifi, featuring Jeff Ganz on bass and the late Daoud Shaw on drums, Harve’s lead guitar and keyboards sparkle on this smooth jazz cut. It is followed by a super One-Mann Jam called Higher Reality. Jeff “The Chef” Sidler played all the saxes on Find The Beauty a reimagining of Harve’s classic song. Next is a twin guitars in harmony version of The Comeback. The rest of the collection mixes melodic compositions like A Whole Different Thing from the George Van Noy film Dangerous Ideas to avant guarde pieces like Plumber In Love and Boston Beagle. Throughout Harve’s playing on keyboards, bass and guitar is stellar and soulful. Not to disappoint the many fans of Harve’s versatile singing, three bonus vocal cuts are included. The closing song I Just Love To Entertain from 1982 finds Harve portraying his “Lounge Singer Character” from The David Letterman Show. As a longtime fan of Harve, I believe Instrumentally Yours is up there with his very best.
by Sean Clover