Gwyneth Herbert – Letters I Haven’t Written (2018)

Gwyneth Herbert - Letters I Haven't Written (2018)
Artist: Gwyneth Herbert
Album: Letters I Haven’t Written
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: UK
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Fishing for Squirrels (4:06)
More of Everything (4:48)
Reading My Breath Away (5:22)
From Here to Over There (3:48)
Frosting on Your Windows (4:50)
You’re Welcome (5:26)
Until the Dust Settles (5:52)
Tick Tock Tick (4:48)
Don’t Call Me That (3:44)
And You Are… (5:18)
Not the Kind of Girl (4:47)


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