Grayscale Whale – Belly of the Whale (2016)

Grayscale Whale - Belly of the Whale (2016)
Artist: Grayscale Whale
Album: Belly of the Whale
Genre: Fusion / Contemporary Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

1. A Lighthouse. 6:18
2. Pistanthrophobia. 5:39
3. Cleaver – i. 1:29
4. Sounds for Silence (feat. Supideo Xer) (E). 5:12
5. Cleaver – ii. 1:12
6. Persistence. 7:14
7. Cleaver – iii. 1:14
8. Wise Worm. 8:02


“Belly of the Whale” is GrayScale Whale’s fourth studio album and their most ambitious by far. This album is a musical tour of a vast amount of styles with stops at classic funk/jazz fusion tracks like “A Lighthouse” and “Wise Worm”, and more virtuosic, heavier tunes like “Pistanthrophobia”. If you’re a listener who appreciates the improvisational vocabulary of classic jazz music but also enjoys more modern styles like funk, rock, hip hop, and latin, then GrayScale Whale’s “Belly of the Whale” is for you!