George Cables – The George Cables Songbook (2016)

George Cables - The George Cables Songbook (2016)
Artist: George Cables
Album: The George Cables Songbook
Genre: Post-Bop, Contremporary Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Traveling Lady [00:06:22]
Aka Reggie [00:07:26]
The Dark The Light [00:06:50]
For Honey Lulu [00:05:49]
Melodious Funk [00:06:27]
Face The Consequences [00:05:21]
Colors Of Light [00:08:43]
Think On Me [00:05:55]
The Mystery Of Monifa Brown [00:07:56]
Baby Steps [00:06:19]
Suite For Sweet Rita [00:05:43]


Pianist George Cables demonstrates on this release not only his sensitive and technical touch on the piano, but his work with the pen as he interprets his own compositions on both instrumental and vocal form. The brings together Essiet Essiet/b, Victor Lewis, Craig Handy/sax-fl and Steven Kroon/perc along with the warm and sweet vocals of Sarah Elizabeth Charles, who sings on over half the pieces. In the tro format, Cables highlights his strengths, a lithe and deft touch on the sly “ Traveling Lady” as well as a touch of the gospel on the relaxed “ Aka Reggie” while he simmers on the bluesy “Melodious Funk.” Charles is mild and soulful on the graceful “Colors of night” and simmers with the percussion and Handy’s horn on “The Dark the Light.” The lovely duet between composer and vocalist on “Suite for Sweet Rita” is both delicate and embracing. Would love to see an evening of this next time he comes in town.
by George W. Harris

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